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The Te Ora Hou youth work team consists of qualified and highly experienced youth workers who work in the heart of the Papanui community, with the community and for the community running several programmes in schools, out of school and during all of the school holiday periods.

List of Youth Programmes/Services:

Our Youth Workers:

Wiremu Richards (Manager) Monday Night Clubs, Ngaru OraNgā Toa
Vicki Campbell Taiohi Tū
Amanda Smith Monday Night Clubs, Te Pihi Ora, Mana Wahine, Whakapakari, Ngā Toa
Tatiana Moana Monday Night Clubs, Mana Wahine, Whakapakari, Te Pihi Ora, Ngā Toa
Phillip Nitika Monday Night Clubs, Te Pihi Ora, Tama Tū Tama OraNgā Toa, Whakapakari
Marcel Wilkinson Ori Ori Tinana
Danette Abraham-Tiatia Whakapakari
Matai’a Salatielu Tiatia Whakapakari
John Solomon Acoustix Music Development
Emma Gilbertson Acoustix Music Development