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Acoustix Music Development

Acoustix is a music development programme that offers the opportunity for young people to get a glimpse of what the mainstream music industry is like.

Through nine sessions over nine weeks, young people are going to get the opportunity to explore, experience and excel.

Write Record Perform Promote Become

This course covers:

– the fundamentals to writing a song
– the production and arranging process of writing popular music
– creating song topics and titles by exploring issues that effect ourselves and others and way we perceive the world in popular culture

– experience home studio recording – take home a recording
– visit a local recording studio

– perform original music in front of friends and whanau

– learn about image and character, and how to promote yourself in the music industry
– learn about safely and ethically promoting yourself on the internet and social media

Become Confident

Acoustix will run on site at a school from 3.30pm-6pm. The youth participants will show up to the Acoustix hang out room where they will take part in the programme and dependant on the school, the young people may be dropped off home when the programme is done. Some sessions the young people will be taken offsite.

Our Aim

Young people will:-

  • Gain a sense of belonging and connectedness by building supportive quality relationships with peers and leaders
  • Learn to think creatively and gain useful skills relevant to the music industry and popular music
  • Gain a sense of mastery and independence through participation in music arts and performance

Learning Techniques

Acoustix is all about fun engagement and conversation related to becoming a creative artist within the music industry. We use a variety of different methods to communicate our learning outcomes for each session and we interact providing mentoring, creative skills, fun activities and music performance.

  • Activity Based Learning – providing activities and tasks that have specific learning outcomes. Eg. writing lyrics and chord progressions, improvisation, playing instruments in groups
  • Multimedia – using videos, YouTube clips, music recordings
  • Technology – Using and learning music and recording software (eg. Logic X)
  • Performance – learning to communicate and play instruments together to produce an end-of-programme performance at whanau evening

The following video is the song that young people of Hagley College wrote, produced, performed, recorded and promoted in nine weeks:

Contact us for more information or call us on (03) 352 1057.