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Ori Ori Tinana

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We all go through really tough times in life, but you must always remember that you are never alone and that you do have the power to live your ultimate happiness, you just need to be brave enough to find out what it is and then go get it, no matter what it takes! We may lead different lives, but we all need a way to express and release our problems and emotions.

We believe that the benefits of exercise are endless, and Ori Ori Tinana enables young people an outlet and so much more!

Ori Ori Tinana is an eight week programme delivered twice a week that promotes a healthy living lifestyle. Young people will get the opportunity to grow their confidence, self-love, mental and emotional resiliency in a comfortable and healthy environment. This programme can be delivered in and after school hours, this needs to be communicated and decided with the coordinator.

There are many benefits from the programme:

  • Development of self-confidence and self-love
  • Loads more long lasting energy every day
  • Negative and critical mental chatter and conversations decrease and new positive conversations increase
  • Therapeutic properties (eg. being able to physically let out feelings and emotions such as anger)
  • Development of mental and emotional resilience and strength
  • Complete respect for your own body and for other people
  • Appreciation of oneself and realising your worth
  • Much better quality sleeping patterns
  • Significantly low stress and anxiety levels
  • Creates a sense of ‘I belong’
  • Improves hand eye coordination

This is all delivered by veteran youth worker, Marcel Wilkinson.

Contact us online for more information or call Marcel on (03) 352 1057.