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Whakapakari is a long-running, relationship-enhancing gathering of young people within Te Ora Hou who have displayed their potential to lead and positively influence their peers, whanau and community. The group is largely made up of older young people endorsed by their Te Ora Hou Leaders who are ready and willing to further their potential. Helping them to understand that they have been created for their own individual purpose and that they have a place to contribute to the wider community, society and future.

Whakapakari is for young people 16 years and older (with the provision of an exceptional young person). They agree to a positive level of social responsibility – towards others including whanau, friends, community and themselves. Willing ambassador and active participant of Monday Night Clubs and upholds the kaupapa of the Te Ora Hou Mauri.

Whakapakari Otautahi upholds the Te Ora Hou Mauri, which is done through:

  • Challenging
  • Expanding
  • Providing Opportunity
  • Experiences to Develop
  • Excite in their Potential as Leaders and Influential People in their Communities

Recognising that ‘leadership’ is not just “up the front” but also about the “behind the scenes” work, like cleaning the toilets and washing the dishes.

Te amorangi ki mua, te hapai o ki muri
The leader at the front and the workers behind the scenes

This is a reference to Marae protocol where the speakers are at the front of the meeting house and the workers are at the back making sure everything is prepared and that the guests are well looked after. It is important to note that both jobs are equally important, and are like the ‘yin and yang’, for without one, everything would fail.

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