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Te Mauri

Kia mana aki Te Mauri o Te Ora Hou
Nurturing the essence of Te Ora Hou

 These distinctives/values aren’t isolated from each other but all inter-related.


Tangata Whenua – Indigenous Peoples

Te Ora Hou is an indigenous movement – it is primarily led by and for indigenous peoples. In Aotearoa this means Māori lead the organisation and are the priority group to be considered in all activities of Te Ora Hou.

Wairuatanga – Jesus Centred and Bible based

We believe in the complete good news of Jesus – His existence with God the Father from the beginning, His sacrificial death, His resurrection, ascension, His ongoing work on our behalf and His personal return in power and glory.

We look at the way Jesus lived and how he related to those around him as the example of true humanity.

We find healing, truth and commonsense in the ways of Jesus and our relationship to Him – a relationship we are open to sharing with others.

We recognise that every person is created in the image of God and that the Spirit of God is at work in our lives, whanau and communities we live in.

We journey with others to realise both our individual and collective God-given potential.

We believe in the divine inspiration and trustworthiness of the Bible as originally given, and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.



Mahi Tika – Social Justice

We are committed to doing what is just.

We let the other aspects of our Mauri influence the things that we take action on.

We work hard to promote non-violence and justice within all areas of our lives, and communities.


Te Ora Hou values learning opportunities both structured and unplanned.

We value learning for its contribution to the holistic development of self, whānau and community.

We recognise that challenge is where growth comes from – and we invite others to constructively and honestly critique what we do.

We want to learn from the experiences we share and make the learning available to others to learn from as well.

Whanaungatanga – Sustained Quality Relationships

Good quality relationships provide safety, belonging and sense of being valued and appreciated. Te Ora Hou aims to strengthen positive connections between rangatahi and their whanau, peers, school/work and cultural and geographic communities.

Te Ora Hou workers and rangatahi are often involved in many areas of each others lives outside of structured Te Ora Hou services and programmes.

We encourage one another to live a consistent life by maintaining healthy relationships within our own whānau, neighbourhoods and work.

Rangatahi, Whānau & Hapū – Young People, Families & Communities

Young people are where our expertise is – the group we engage with most are rangatahi aged 10-18 years.

We recognise that every rangatahi should be part of a whānau that cares about what happens to them – and we acknowledge the importance of strengthening healthy connections between rangatahi and their whānau, marae, hapū, iwi and communities.

Rangatahi usually reflect the priorities and values of the communities in which they develop – we recognise the unique strengths and needs of each rangatahi and the communities they are part of.

Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of rangatahi and the other significant people in their lives is an important process that we continue to support.

Ohaoha Generosity & Volunteerism

Being generous with our time, open to interruption and inconvenience – Te Ora Hou supports people who volunteer their time and energy in the service of others without expectation of personal gain.

We encourage the rangatahi we work with to develop similar values of giving and generosity with their time, talents and resources.


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