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The ‘K’ of K3 refers to ‘Koha (Generosity)‘, which is one of the central values in the Circle of Courage, which forms the basis for Te Ora Hou’s Model of Practice. The ‘3’ refers to whānau, community and education – three gifts which are essential to the healthy development of a young person.

Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi provides the K3 Student Attendance Support Service to State and State-integrated schools in Canterbury, Marlborough, Tasman and the West Coast. This is an optional support service for schools, combining the services previously provided by the Christchurch Truancy Service and other District Truancy Services, and the Non Enrolled Truancy Service.

The greater Christchurch region is supported directly by Te Ora Hou staff, and a network of school and community-based providers work across the rest of the service area.

Referrals to Te Ora Hou’s Attendance Service are made by schools and the Ministry of Education. If you have concerns about a young person’s school attendance:

Schools: Details of the referral process can be found on the Ministry of Education website. If you have questions about the process, please contact Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi.

Community: Please contact the school that the young person is enrolled at to discuss your concerns.

More information on student attendance can be found on the Ministry of Education website.

Summary Data for the first two terms of 2017:

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