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The Willis Family Need Your Help

The Willis family – well known in the Riccarton community, the Celebration Centre church and the local music scene.

After a bodily attack inside the newly built Riccarton Bus Exchange lounge and the damage taken to the family car, Daniel and family has not been able to get on the move since.

“I may be bruised and scarred from the attack that took place, but nothing is hurting me more than watching my family suffer from this incident. It’s going to sound stupid, but my family needed our car for the small things in life – from getting my wife and my son to work every day to getting my prescriptions from the doctor,” Daniel says.

With no knowledge of who the attackers were, the Willis family are unable to claim to fix the only car the family has to get them around. And with no funds to purchase a car after the incident, the Willis family are stuck with the harsh reality of being vehicle-less after the incident with no justice served on the attackers.

“We talked to the police. They couldn’t help us. We talked to The Press and and they could only recommend that we make a givealittle page,” said Daniel.

The Willis family need help to fundraise for a family vehicle to get them back on their feet. You can support them in two ways.

1. ‘Like’ the Facebook page and share the page around

2. Donation – Make your way to the givealittle page and donate what you can. The full amount of donations will go towards the vehicle for the family.

Thank you

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