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Te Kaupapa Whakaora (TKW) is an alternative education programme of “second chance” learning for students 13 to 16 years of age who have been excluded from mainstream education. It is a place where young people are encouraged to feel safe to “come as they are”, and learn in an alternative way which results in them being educated more holistically.

With the culture and kaupapa of TKW being “a place of respect and participation”, our young people are empowered and challenged to work towards achieving educational goals for numeracy and literacy, development of key competencies and attainment of other important learning goals (in areas such as outdoor/physical education) so they are ready to transition well, either back to mainstream school, or onwards to higher education or employment.

The TKW Team:

Matai’a Salatielu Tiatia (Manager)
Dave Pollard

Andrea Britten
Michael Patrick
Mr H

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